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Three Fundamental Tips for Purchasing a Remote Control for Cranes

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If you are interested in enhancing your crane operations, you should think about investing in radio remote control devices. These products are designed to allow for the operation of heavy equipment during lifting applications from a distance. This setup will promote safety because operators will not be in direct contact with the loads. The distance will also ensure that the load is monitored for the best outcome. Additionally, the remote control will improve the flexibility of operators during rigging. Consider these selection guidelines if you decide to invest in remote control for your cranes.

Consider the Ease of Handling

You should think about the ease of handling the remote control device during lifting applications. These units are built in different sizes and configurations to accommodate the preferences of diverse operators. The specific sizing designations will depend on the manufacturer. For instance, Scanreco categorises remote controls into classes such as pocket, rocket and maxi. You must evaluate the options provided by your supplier before finding the best fit. Keep in mind that some operators prefer larger units that mimic the performance of the controls in the crane cab. However, pocket or hand-sized controls are more convenient for easy handling.

Evaluate the Safety Features

The remote operation of a crane brings up new safety concerns in the worksite. Therefore, you must ensure that the device chosen for the distance control has appropriate features to prevent the occurrence of accidents. Check on the availability of an emergency button for stopping all operations in case of an unexpected situation. An alarm option could also be critical in case of a malfunction. You should also inquire about the effective range for the transmitter signal. A limited range is crucial to avoid accidental transmission of signals when the operator is not close to the crane. Additionally, inquire about the safeguards available in case the remote control falls. If the device falls, the internal configuration should prevent signal transmission in case of accidental button pressing.

Think About the Environment

Finally, you should evaluate the crane operation environment before purchasing a suitable remote control. Adverse conditions can compromise the function of the device or cause premature failure. One of the critical concerns is the ambient temperature. If your industrial worksite is hot, you must choose a remote control that can withstand the hostility without experiencing a pause in operations. Also, you must check on any applicable restrictions on radio frequencies in your workplace. For example, radio signals might not be acceptable in workplaces with explosion risk factors. 

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