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Tips On How To Hire The Electrician Best Suited To Your Project

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Australian law (Australian Standard AS/NZS 3000:2007) currently requires for all electrical work (installations, repairs and maintenance) performed on Australian soil to be completed by a qualified electrician. However, choosing among the 140,000 electricians across the nation can be challenging. Naturally, you'll be more inclined to hire someone in your region.

You'll also want to hire someone whose rates are accessible to you, and who has a work ethic that guarantees a satisfactory quality of work. Plenty is at stake here; poor installations can be costly to repair, and even lead to severe damage to your structure. Here are a few tips for hiring the best electrician available to you.  

Go Over Their Licenses, Insurance And Reference

To become a licensed electrician, your prospective professional should've completed a four-year apprenticeship. As a potential client, you'll want to ask about their experience at their electrical trade school and ensure they've acquired a Certificate III as an Electrotechnology Electrician. You can use this license verification online tool to facilitate your cross-checking process.

Australia requires its electricians to hold a $5,000,000 liability insurance, to guarantee the insurance covers any structural damage to your property and the electrical system alimenting. In the references you look through, you'll want to find evidence of their skill in testing and inspection and electrical installation. This guarantees that they can ascertain the work your site requires, and the type of voltage, equipment and wiring structure that would be best suited.

Vetting Through Interviews And Quotations

You'll want to interview your prospective electrician yourself, to ensure you can have a good rapport. Typical questions to ask include "How long have you been working as a licensed electrician?" and "what challenges have you faced in your profession?" Generally, the more experienced and the more versatility completed projects have required an electrician to show, the more reliable they'll be.  

You'll also need to ascertain the timeline they can guarantee your project will be completed by, as well as their proposed rates. It's advised to get quotations from competing professionals, as this can often help drive your asking price down.

A Concluding Note

Hiring an electrician is highly dependent on the sentiment of trust you develop when considering the background, licensing and references of a professional. You'll need to hire an individual you're comfortable entrusting with your property, and whose insurance you believe will cover any damage-related costs. Social media is a tremendous ally in vetting the perfect electrician, as it can allow you to read up on the testimonies of past clients without having to contact them directly.

If you're looking to get started with electrical work, contact a local electrician.