Installing Electrical Appliances

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Are you struggling to complete your subdivision?

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If you are considering building on piece of land that you want to turn into multiple smaller lots then you will need to get some help with your subdivision process. You will probably be working with architects, surveyors, builders, and a range of different contractors to complete all of the work that needs to be done. Tasks that will need taking on include the design and building of the individual properties and then connecting each of these properties to the utility networks. It is these connections to the utility companies that can often prove to be tricky for the novice home builder and it is here that it is essential to work with someone who knows exactly what they are doing.

Whose responsibility is it?

While it will be the power company who will make the final connections to the power network and complete the powerline installation, as the developer you will know that there are still many parts of the process that must be completed before the electricity company takes over. These are not generally tasks you can complete yourself. You will need to work with an accredited civil contractor to ensure that all of the completed work is of a sufficient standard for assets that will be owned by the electricity company. These contractors will have the qualifications needed to demonstrate that they are capable of completing all of what are known 'contestable services.'

What must be done?

Your chosen contractors will be able to explain exactly what needs to be done before calling the power company and asking for a powerline installation in your case, but some of the key aspects of the work will include:

  • Digging trenches ready for the cables to be laid
  • Supplying and fitting conduits needed for road crossings and easements ready for cable laying
  • Preparing substation sites
  • Setting out final levels and cable offsets

Once the work is completed

When all of the preparation work is completed and before you can hand over the works for the powerline installation it is required that a network compliance audit must be carried out. This audit ensures that all of the work fully meets the compliance standards set out by the electricity company. The supplier must be certain that the work is of a sufficient standard since they will be taking over responsibility for maintaining it all once the mains supply is connected. The cost for this audit lies with the developer as does the cost of any future audit. You will also need to provide a warranty to cover the costs of rectifying any faults that develop as a result of the contractors work.