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5 Home CCTV Mistakes That Can Render Your Security System Useless

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Getting a CCTV system installed can be one of the wisest home security decisions you make, and the reason it's such an effective security measure is that it works in several ways.

Firstly, it helps you catch criminals in the act so you can call the police, and secondly, it provides valuable evidence if you do suffer a theft or vandalism. Add to that the fact that cameras make an excellent deterrent and your home becomes far more secure.

The only problem is that it's easy to get it wrong, rendering your CCTV system less effective or even pretty much useless. Avoid these mistakes and you'll gain all the potential benefits of security cameras.

Choosing low-quality cameras

You might save money by getting cheap CCTV cameras, but it's hardly worth it if they're not able to capture a clear enough image. To be used as evidence, your footage needs to be clear enough to identify faces and pick up other details like vehicle number plates. If your cameras provide a fuzzy, unclear image, the footage might well be useless.

Not opting for night vision

While crimes can happen at any time of day, many burglars use the cover of darkness to break into properties. If your cameras don't capture clear images at night, they won't pick up anyone on your property. Remember that even indoor cameras can benefit from night vision since an intruder is unlikely to switch the lights on.

Not making the presence of CCTV known

A lot of potential intruders will leave your home and try elsewhere if they know you're recording. Hidden cameras are a good idea in theory, but they won't prevent a crime being committed if they're not visible. If you want to hide your cameras to stop them being vandalised, consider putting up signs warning that CCTV footage is being recorded.

Giving too little thought to placement

It's best to spend some time putting together a proper plan for your camera placement. This helps to ensure you've covered all the important areas where someone might try to break in or where valuable items are storedBe prepared to move cameras once they're installed and tested because you'll often spot problems only when the system is up and running.

Not making time for maintenance

It's easy to pretty much forget about your cameras once they're installed, but they need to be checked regularly to keep them running properly. Take time to clean the lenses, check the positioning and take a look at the monitors to see if there are any issues. You'll be glad you did if you ever need to use the footage.