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Warning Signs That You Need Re-wiring in Your Building

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If you are in charge of managing a commercial building, it is up to you to keep it well maintained and safe. One of the things to pay close attention to is the electrical system. This is especially true with older buildings, which might eventually need to be rewired. Here are some warning signs that it is time to call an electrician to inspect the wiring of your building.

The Lights Keep Dimming

This is a common sign that can tell you your wiring is old and needs to be replaced, but it can also be more subtle. It can be a little difficult seeing that the lights are a bit dimmer at first, but over time, you might feel that it just isn't as bright in your office as it once was. Another way to tell is if you suddenly experience eye strain, as you might be trying to see fine print that used to be easy to read, but now is harder to see due to the dimming lights. On the opposite end, sometimes lights can appear brighter when there is faulty wiring.

There Is Frequent Loss of Power

This doesn't mean that all of the power in the building goes off, which is obviously a major sign of something wrong. Instead, just look for small bursts of power loss that only last a few seconds, especially related to your computer equipment and electronics. This is another subtle warning sign that is not always easy to spot right away. However, if you have more than one computer that seems to click off, then click back on, it might be more due to your wiring and not the computers themselves.

The Outlets Feel Warm to the Touch

The electrical outlets in your building should never feel warm to the touch. If you touch one of your outlets after a light or electronic appliance has been plugged in and turned on for a while and it feels warm, this is a potential warning sign of faulty wiring. This is a good time to call up a commercial electrician so they can inspect the wiring in your building. Also look out for smoke or the smell of fire coming from the outlets.

Sounds Coming From the Outlets

This is another warning sign related to the outlets themselves. Listen closely when you turn on a light in your building, moving toward the associated outlet. If you can hear any buzzing sounds or hear sparks, it is probably from faulty wiring. Just be careful not to put your face too close to the outlet if you suspect a problem.