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Signs Your Heater Needs Professional Repairs

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Homeowners will usually not pay any mind to their hot water system since these units tend to be quite durable. However, your heater is a workhorse, and over time, it will develop some issues. Moreover, numerous components make up your heater, and they all need to be well maintained for optimal efficiency. It is important to know how to spot the symptoms of a declining water heater so that the underlying issues are remedied before they cause permanent damage to the system. So how do you know that your heater requires professional repairs?

The water temperature keeps fluctuating

Not receiving any hot water would be a clear indication of a problem with your heater. However, experiencing varying temperatures should also be a cause for concern. If your hot water supply ranges from being lukewarm to scalding on its accord, it could be a sign of mineral deposits calcifying on the heating element of your unit. It would be advisable to hire a technician to check whether the problem can be fixed or if the components need to be replaced to restore functionality to your heater.

The pressure of your hot water has reduced

Another symptom of a declining heating system is if you find that the hot water pressure is gradually diminishing. A simple way to determine this is to check whether your cold water is running normally or not. If the cold water is unaffected, it could indicate the pipes distributing your water have developed blockages. Another reason why you could be experiencing decrease water pressure is if kinks have developed in hot water distribution lines, making it harder for your heater to pump hot water as needed.

The water is leaking from the heater

Your water heater should not have any puddles around it, as this would mean that the body of the heater has become compromised. Nonetheless, since these heaters are typically located out of sight, some homeowners may not be aware that this is happening. As such, they start to experience low volumes of hot water but do not know why this could be happening. It is recommended to carry out routine visual inspections of your water heater to ensure that no structural damage is being left unattended. Leaks are particularly common in older heaters as debris inside the unit will eventually cause cracks to occur in the body of the heater. In this case, you would be better off replacing your heater with a new model.

If you have questions about heat pumps or other heating mechanisms, contact a plumber or HVAC contractor depending on your issues.