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Find Out Why Your Car Battery Keeps Dying

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It is easy to brush it off like a fluke when your car battery dies for the first time. However, what happens when it does for the second and third time? It is a clear indication that there is an underlying problem that must be addressed. Car batteries die for various reasons. It is important to know some of them in order to protect your battery that may even harm other components of your vehicle. Learn some common causative agents of dead car batteries.

Random and Common factors

Your battery will drain based on some simple factors that may be easily rectified. These are charging problems, corroded or loose connections on the terminals, and persistent electrical drains. These issues are able to kill your battery on their own while there are some that couple with a battery that is already weak.

Human Error: You've probably been a victim of this situation at one point in your life. There are simple mistakes that may lead to dead batteries. Some of these are;

  • Leaving your headlights on after a busy day from work which drains the battery low and may experience difficulties of starting the vehicle the next day,
  • Mistakenly not closing the boot or one of your doors completely.

For cases where you may not have alerts when such components are left open, your battery will drain to zero. Other related factors are;

  • Poor maintenance of car batteries that eventually makes it weak to hold charge. In this case, the battery is not cleaned to make it free from dirt. Accumulation of dirt on the terminals eventually causes corrosion which blocks the charging system of your vehicle from topping off the battery when the engine is on,
  • Loose battery connections that makes it difficult to charge eventually making it weak to operate.

Alternator Diode Defect

The alternator diode system of a vehicle is responsible for recharging the battery and powering other electrical components. If the alternator system has a malfunctioned diode, it is automatic that your battery will not be recharged. Therefore, it is essential to check the diode system of your alternator especially if the issue is consistent with your battery.

Extreme Temperatures

Extreme temperatures may be too hot or cold. Batteries that are new and strong may be able to sustain such conditions. However, batteries that have served for a long time may not be able to sustain extreme conditions. Hot and cold conditions may also magnify underlying issues of your car battery.