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How to Make Your Air Conditioning Cost Effective

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One thing that contributes a lot to your comfort at home is air conditioning. With continued use it needs parts replaced, serviced or fixed. If you want to keep the bills of your air conditioning repairs down, you can consider the following issues.

Overload and overuse

Overload is usually a result of poor insulation and ventilation.When the air conditioner has to cool a larger load than its capacity, it becomes ineffective. You will have to keep it at high operating levels for long periods to get the rooms cooled or heated. Ultimately, you realise that if your air conditioning is overloaded, it will also end up being overused. Having good ventilation and insulation will reduce the strain on your air conditioning system, hence less wear.

Proper installation

Some air conditioning units will need repairs persistently because of mistakes made during the installation. For instance, if the size of the house was underestimated and the air conditioning unit that was installed was too small, it will always need repairs due to strain. The only option is to get an air conditioner that can bear the load. In case the unit was not wired professionally, the air conditioner will trip the circuit breaker and this can be remedied by having the system rewired by a professional.


A poorly maintained air conditioning system will get a lot of visits from repair technicians. Regular maintenance tasks will help you spot and prevent many problems before they escalate. The cost of correcting such problems will be significantly lower than waiting until significant repairs are needed.


Some moisture problems in your air conditioning unit can be caused by a dirty air filter. It blocks air from flowing over the evaporator coil, which causes a buildup of ice. This ice can accumulate, and when it melts, it can cause damage to the system. A clean air filter will prevent this kind of buildup. Sometimes the drain pipe leading out of the unit is clogged by dirt. Having it cleaned once a year will help you avoid some instances of moisture buildup in your unit.


In some cases, the air conditioning system is old and approaching the end of its use. A good way to decide when to consider a replacement is when your repair bills are so high that it makes financial sense to buy a replacement.

Another way to know that it is time to replace your air conditioning unit is when it is unable to meet the cooling and heating requirements.Your air conditioner repairs technician can give you an informed opinion to help you decide.