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Appliance Repairs: Tips to Maintaining Your Washing Machine at Optimum Performance

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As with all appliances in your home, your washing machine functions to provide you with hassle-free living and reliability. However, simply because this piece of equipment is built for durability does not mean that it will be immune to needing appliance repairs. Without the proper maintenance, your washing machine can quickly deteriorate, and you will find that it will become more of an expense than a convenience for your home. It is important for all homeowners to know how best to care for their washing machine to prevent unnecessary repairs or even premature replacement. Here are tips you could employ to maintain your washing machine at optimum performance.

Tip 1: Air it out on a daily basis

An often-overlooked aspect of washing machine maintenance is keeping it dry. Since this appliance functions using water, some people assume that the water inside it will not be harmful to the equipment. The reality is that as long as moisture is left inside the washing machine, it will eventually begin to smell musty. If you do not air it out on a regular basis and use the equipment inconsistently, you may find that you have slime and mould growing inside the drum. A simple way of avoiding this is to ensure that you leave the washing machine open to air dry after every use. If you washed a particularly filthy load of laundry that has grease or other tough stains, it would be advisable to clean out the drum before leaving it to air dry.

Tip 2: Steer clear from excessive detergent

Some people tend to think that the more detergent they will use, the cleaner and more fresh-smelling their laundry will be. The reality is that too much soap can be extremely detrimental to the washing machine, and consistent use of excessive detergent could decrease the lifespan of the appliance. It is always best to use the manufacturer's recommendations when measuring out your detergent to ensure that you are not overdoing it.

Tip 3: Never overload the washing machine

It is not uncommon to find some people who will hoard their laundry for several days or weeks and then decide to embark on washing all the clothes in one go with the assumption that this will be a time effective way of doing their laundry. On paper, this may sound time efficient. However, in reality, you will be overworking your washing machine. Firstly, too many clothes in the drum will drastically impede on the spin function of the washing machine, which leads to soiled clothes. Secondly, overloading puts a strain on the appliance's motor, which will result in overheating.

Keep these tips in mind, and if you run into any problems with your washing machine, contact professional appliance repair services in your area.