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2 Ways to Make Your Shop Window Display More Eye Catching

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For a shop window display to be effective, it needs to be eye catching. When a potential customer walks down a busy street, they pass dozens -- sometimes hundreds -- of shops. If you want to draw them inside, you'll need to make sure your display stands out and catches their eye more than your competitors' windows. Here are 2 ways to boost the visual impact of your display.

Show Less Variety

At first glance, having less variety in your window sounds like terrible advice. In many areas of business, experts will advise you to provide customers with variety -- a shop with a wide range of dresses, for example, will get more customers than one that only sells one design. However, in a window display, too much variety can actually have the opposite effect. A display with too many different types of items in it can look cluttered and confused. With so many products in view, how will a customer see that one key piece they love?

Instead of cluttering a display with everything but the kitchen sink, try to provide a greater quantity of a smaller amount of items. For example, if you're designing a back to school window display, one pencil isn't going to be noticed. A thousand pencils stacked in the shape of a giant pencil, on the other hand, is sure to catch the eye of any parent on a stationery shopping trip. You don't have to focus a display on one single product either; you could also focus it on one type or category of item. On Valentine's Day, for example, a store would capture more attention if it displayed 20 different teddy bears than it would if it was a jumble of bears, chocolate, wine and everything in between.

Install Brighter Lighting

Window displays are pointless if no one can see the products on offer. While general, ambient lighting is okay for showing off products once customers are already in the store, lighting in a window display should be brighter and more directly focused to ensure that your items stand out in a sea of shops.

Consider calling in a professional to complete electrical work and install spotlights at your window. Remember that your window display will change regularly; the best spotlights are those that can be moved, either on a rig or independently. You'll also want to ensure your lighting doesn't create shadows on your products that detract from how great your items look. You can combat this by installing lighting from all angles. Lighting your backdrop separately with lights behind product stands is another big help; this will reduce shadows behind products that blur their outlines and prevent passersby from noticing them.